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How Does Zeolite Work?

… small and it needs to be this tiny size to attach to the viruses).   zeolite pure is the highest purity powdered zeolite in the world. Use it for emergency situations or when you need to cleanse yourself (or pet) from serious illness quickly and safely.   Zetox is our highly micronized zeolite powder in a suspended liquid that is easy to absorb. It is great for travel or to drop in to water or soups when you’re not sure of the quality or purity. It is much more potent and has a higher …

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Natural Zeolite Powder

lava meets ocean to form zeolites

… places then get yourself a small hand held radiation detector and test the level for yourself.   Zeolite Detox Formula Natural Zeolites (Clinoptilolite) are used in toxic dump and nuclear waste cleanup. Remember Chernobyl and Fukushima? Recent research has been going on in Europe in verifying how Natural Zeolit can trap radioactive particles and remove them from the human (and animal) body. You can find the article here.     Zeolite for Cancer and Virus Protection zeolite pure …

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Destroxin – Pure Zeolite Capsules

pure zeolite capsules

Destroxin Removes Heavy Metals Destroxin® will quickly remove heavy metals, including radioactive particles from your body. It does this by using Natural Zeolite Powder. This unique formula is proven to trap the harmful toxins, heavy metals and radiation and then release them from your body. It naturally boosts your immune system and restores lost energy and vitality. This amazing zeolite mineral has been shown to balance the body’s pH (parts of hydrogen, a measure of the acid/alkaline …

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