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How Does Zeolite Work?

How Does Zeolite Work? What is Zeolite and How does it work? Zeolite Powder is a natural crystal that is formed when molten hot volcanic lava meets the minerals in cooler sea water forming what is called Zeolite Clinoptilolite. That scientific reaction infuses a highly energetic molecule with a honeycomb shaped form that is specifically charged to attracts toxins to itself and escorts them out of your body when taken internally in the form of zeolite powder (or Zeolite Liquid).   …

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Natural Zeolite Powder

lava meets ocean to form zeolites

… zeolite crystals trap and remove harmful toxins from your body (Zeolite-AV):   What’s in Natural Zeolite Pure Powder? The Zeolite in this formula is highly micronized (the smaller the particle the more effect it can have) and is the one used in scientific research. It works wonders against most viruses, such as cold and flu viruses, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis, HIV and more. Combine Zeolite Powder with a Dr. Hulda Clark Type Terminator Zapper (Clark Zapper) and you’ll have a lethal …

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