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How Does Zeolite Work?

… Does Zeolite work? Zeolite crystals trap heavy metals (radiation, fluoride, petroleum residues) and removes them from your body quickly and safely.   Or if you prefer you can watch this brief demonstration of how the potent zeolite molecule magnetically attracts, traps and releases toxins from your body here:   Zeolite Natural Remedies Our natural zeolite powder is a highly micronized (the smaller the zeolite crystal, the deeper it penetrates, this is important as viruses are very …

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Royal Detox – Zeolite Cleanse

zeolite detox

The Best Cleanse and Detox Royal Detox with Natural Zeolite Powder is the best detox on the planet! It alkalizes and detoxes your body from heavy metals (radiation- nuclear and emf, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, lead). These metals accumulate in your skin, organs and fat cells. Royal Detox with Zeolite removes them and even restores your lost energy. The natural Zeolite crystals in this detox cleanse has a unique honeycomb structure traps toxic heavy metals in a magnetic cage and and safely …

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