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Natural Zeolite Cancer Remedy Anti-Viral

zeolite detox

… further infections. Visit the following page for more information on Natural Immunity.   It will also remove any heavy metals and radiation poisoning (from wireless devices or nuclear exposure) from their bodies. Here’s how it is working for people who were needing a miracle recovery: I have been having to have HPV lasered off my vocal chords about every 18 months since 1991. I started taking zeolites around the end of March. Three weeks ago, I went in for my 6 month check up after …

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Natural Zeolite Powder

lava meets ocean to form zeolites

What is a Zeolite? What is a Zeolite? Zeolite is a natural mineral that can be used for natural healing of many acidic conditions. Natural Zeolite Powder is a natural crystal that has been micronized (so it can penetrate deep into your organs, cells and even tumors) and safely draw out toxins and smother out cancer cells too. It is the best detox agent you can get, as it will help you survive against even the deadliest of environmental toxins and pathogens (viruses, bacteria).   Natural …

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Best Liquid Zeolite Detox

liquid zeolites

… Now and protect you and family’s health against the constant contamination of viruses, toxins, heavy metals and radiation that we are forced to encounter on a daily basis. Zetox Liquid Zeolite Detox Benefits Zetox Removes Heavy Metal Contaminants from your body Removes radiation poisoning from your body (cesium, plutonium, uranium) Smothers Viruses Away (Nora Virus, HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola and many others) Improves Natural Immunity, removes toxins and revitalizes your …

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Destroxin – Pure Zeolite Capsules

pure zeolite capsules

… alkaline forming foods (lemon and citrus fruits) and taking alkaline supplements (most ionic minerals, particularly zeolite) will release the acidity and bring our bodies back to a healthy alkaline state. Destroxin Uses     Zeolite Detoxes radiation poisoning Destroxin, with zeolite powder can remove radiation poisoning (radioactive particles are heavy metals) as well as detox our bodies of disease and cancer causing agents. It does this by including natural powdered zeolite into …

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